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Halal Food
We are not a halal restaurant and we do not hold a halal certification. However, some of our specialist chefs, especially those in the Indian Section, like to source halal meat and will use this in their dishes. You should therefore check direct with the individual chefs.

Allergies and intolerance
We have had confidence and positive check from Hampshire Trading Standards and Eastleigh Borough Council regarding our allergies policy and menu. We take allergies and intolerance with extreme care and attention. Whilst a dish may not contain a specific allergen, due to the wide range of ingredients used in our kitchen, foods may be at risk of cross contamination by other ingredients. For this reason, and due to the very nature of our business, and ingredients used allergen traces may be present in dishes, and therefore ask customers to order and consume at their own risk.

Vegan and Vegetarian.
While every dish can be preapred and carefully cooked to your requirement, we can not 100% guarantee cross contamination from other dishes and ingredients.

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