We think Traditional is best and Authenticity is the secret. That’s why at the Purbani Botley we will only serve traditional British Indian Food. We use recipes that have a history and feature dishes that define what Indian food is about, our heritage.

We are about providing you with a hearty meal, fantastic portion sizes, reasonably priced with out the fuss of garnish.

All our dishes our prepared daily on site, to give you the freshest dining experience.

We pride ourselves as being one of the few restaurants in the south coast to have an authentic charcoal tandoori oven, many are now gas operated, cheating you of the gorgeous flavor you can only get from an authentic tandoor oven.

Highly skilled chefs are needed to operate our tandoor oven, which they use to prepare Tikka, Tandoori Chicken and Naan Breads. 
Sticking with tradition our recipe for Mint and Yogurt Sauce is the same as it was for almost 30 years, and we continue to make homemade yogurt for this dressing like it was in the eighties.

Our menu reflects the usual traditional favorites, as well as some mouth watering signature dishes, such as Keema Bhunda, Jhinga Chagra, created by chef Abu-Sufain and his team.

We have frequent menu changes to reflect the season and availability of ingredients.

With an extensive drinks offering, including wines from around the world (not available in supermarkets) and chilled award winning Cobra Beer. You’re assured the best accompaniment to great tasting food with an excellent selection of drinks.

Please note that sometime with such an wide choice of available dishes it is not always possible to put them all on the menu, so if there is something that you may have tried else where or may have read about, then let us know and we will endeavor to cook it specially just for you, you may even see it on the menu in the future.

Download our Menus now to see the traditional favorites and house specials.